We’re looking for someone bursting with ideas and who can frequently update our content and other duties such as:

  • Planning the production of new in-game content and premium cosmetic content.

  • Managing and overseeing the production of content production teams.

  • Work alongside QA teams to better, fix or create in-game content.

  • Handle exclusive content addition systems.

  • Work with Community Management to add content related to the needs and desires of our community.

  • Learn, understand and improve our current content addition systems.

Desired Traits

  • 3-4+ Years 3D Modelling Experience

  • Experience working with Java Edition animated models, content and textures.

  • 2-3+ years experience using CubikStudio, Blockbench or other modelling tools.

  • High attention to detail

  • Ability to work in a fast paced and professional work environment

  • Vast knowledge of Gaming History & Gaming Culture (You Will Be Tested!)

Bonus Traits

  • Previous experience working with Resource Pack predicates

  • Understanding of all Minecraft vanilla content (Both Pre & Post Flattening)

  • Understanding of Minecraft models including predicates, durability and blockstates.

  • Remote work experience

Application Form