You’ll be primarily responsible for aiding and assisting our lead developers in:

  • Creating new types of content and gameplay features.

  • Actively finding, patching and improving upon bugs and problems.

  • Aiding to develop, expand upon or create new systems for content addition.

  • Be responsible for working with designated QA related queries to patch and improve bugs.

Desired Traits

  • 1-2+ Years Experience in Java

  • Experience with understanding complex and intuitive game features

  • 1-2+ Years of Development Experience in a Minecraft or Game Industry Related Role

  • Willingness to learn a new scripting language

  • Ability to work in a fast paced and professional work environment

  • Vast knowledge of Gaming History & Gaming Culture (You Will Be Tested!)

Bonus Traits

  • Previous experience creating Python based desktop applications

  • Experience with web based languages such as PHP & JS

  • Understanding of the WordPress CMS framework

  • Understanding of A* and other pathfinding algorithms.

  • Remote work experience

Application Form