Here at Haven Realms this position is a cruical part of what makes our team work properly, this person will be required to oversee every aspect of development and be able to render quick decisions to continue their workflow. The primary duties of this role include but are not limited to:

  • Planning the production of new gamemode features, content and gameplay mechanics.

  • Managing and overseeing the production of development teams.

  • Organizing and arranging all Qualitiy Assurance teams, documentation and times.

  • Handle exclusive content addition systems.

  • Work with Community Management to add content related to the needs and desires of our community.

  • Learn, understand and improve our current content addition systems.

Desired Traits

  • 2-3+ Years Experience in Java

  • Experience with understanding complex and intuitive game features

  • 5+ Years of Management Experience in a Minecraft or Game Industry Related Role

  • Willingness to learn a new scripting language

  • Ability to work in a fast paced and professional work environment

  • Vast knowledge of Gaming History & Gaming Culture (You Will Be Tested!)

Bonus Traits

  • Previous experience creating Python based desktop applications

  • Experience with web based languages such as PHP & JS

  • Understanding of the WordPress CMS framework

  • Understanding of A* and other pathfinding algorithms.

  • Remote work experience

Application Form