Farmer’s Paradise

Chicken Coops Just another busy day at the chicken coop, checking if the chickens have laid any eggs. Wait, what? That's right. We've created new models for chicken coops to provide more efficient farming solutions. Sounds cool, right? Horses and Pigs Too! Don't worry, we haven't left out horses and pigs. We've made special modeled bowls for all farm animals to drink out of, as well as custom houses similar to the chicken coops for pigs. It's truly a farmer's paradise at HavenRealms. For context, here's a lovely picture of a horse and a special bowl.

by zatharel
29th November 2019

Tractor Time!

Hop On! If you’re feeling tired of riding horses and guiding pigs on sticks, hopping on one of our tractors might be a nice change of pace for you. Fully functional within Vanilla, just like all our features, you can get on a tractor with a color of your choice and drive away! It’s not a car, but it’s definitely better than a horse, don’t you think? Great? What's it for? At first glance, the tractor may look like a simple vehicle only capable of carrying you around farms, maybe making some farming easier for you and that’s perfectly alright…

by zatharel
27th November 2019

The Mystery Unfolds

The Reason Behind The Name For a long time now people have been asking “What is Haven Realms?”, “What so special about it?” and various other questions along similar lines but I’m here to explain to you what Haven Realms is all about. To begin with let’s start with the name, Haven Realms was started off as a literal haven for the Minecraft community due to so many servers not having reliable systems and affecting the quality of a player’s gameplay. We strive here to make sure our players have the best experience, unlike any other Minecraft community. The second…

by FlopsiBunny
21st November 2019