The Reason Behind The Name

For a long time now people have been asking “What is Haven Realms?”, “What so special about it?” and various other questions along similar lines but I’m here to explain to you what Haven Realms is all about. To begin with let’s start with the name, Haven Realms was started off as a literal haven for the Minecraft community due to so many servers not having reliable systems and affecting the quality of a player’s gameplay. We strive here to make sure our players have the best experience, unlike any other Minecraft community. The second part is the realms, much like how servers are connected to a Hub we classify our servers as realms because each server is unlike any before it, all of our concepts are original and exclusive to Haven Realms and with the inclusivity of content between our realms, there’s something for everyone.

What's special about Haven Realms?

We’ve spent years sitting in the back of the Minecraft community watching, planning and expanding. From the moment this project was conceived we’ve been working on new and exciting ways to expand upon the original content Vanilla provides without the need for mods and it was through clever tricks and some of our contacts at Mojang we were able to do this. With an additional system added to 1.14 at our request, we’ve got an unlimited amount of methods and techniques to add all of our new content without the need to replace any vanilla assets. Now we can continuously add new types of content that all players can access using the standard vanilla client.

When can we access all of this new content?

Basically, as soon as we’re ready to open, we’ve got so much to do and so much we want to bring to you all that we really don’t know at this point. We’ve got a planned beta release to demo some of the content which you can see a live countdown for otherwise, you can join our Discord to keep up to date with all our announcements and updates.