Haven Realms

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New Content. New Stories. Your Story... Your Life.

All New Content & Features

Everyone loves Minecraft and so do we which is why we've expanded and overhauled almost every aspect of Vanilla Minecraft for players to have new extensive possibilities of gameplay.

Something for Everyone

All other networks have a niche and a specific target audience with gamemodes that you need to play a certain way, well not here. We pride ourselves on making gamemodes in which freedom of choice is entirely up to the player.

Every Player's Important

We listen to our community here at Haven Realms and almost all big gameplay changing mechanics are announced and polled throughout the community for feedback.

EULA Friendly Content (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Pay2Win is now a thing of the past with our network being solely powered on EULA friendly content meaning no player can get an advantage over another for putting money in.

Active Community Blog & Updates

You can be sure to always have something new to find our with our website blog which will be constantly publishing announcements, sneak peeks, updates & more!

All New Mysteries to Discover

With lore rich servers based around the network you can discover entirely new places and stories to make your own and forge your own path to the top.

PVP Meets All New Mechanics

With all new unique methods to enhance your gameplay you can find all kinds of new ways to win and beat the competition.

Community Teams & Events

eSports is becoming a big part of gaming culture and we want to move forward with it which is why we've introduced community competitions and events.

Earn Lots of Coin & XP

Every game requires something to work towards, so we made it you can earn coin and xp from any minigames to help unlock exclusive content throughout the network.

Puzzling Challenges

Although PVP is a big aspect of some minigames, but many of our minigames require quick hands, skillful minds and a passion to race to the top.