Haven Realms

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Haven Realms Be Open?

We can’t say when we’re going to be officially ready for a release to the public, we may have small beta releases of some of our content but in short Haven Realms will be open when we are satisfied with the work we’ve done to provide a better gameplay experience.

Will There Be Free Access?

Yes, of course, the whole point of this project is to provide a new free to play Minecraft experience for the community giving them access to some of our new features and content.

Is the Premium Content Going to Be EULA Friendly?

Now when it comes to the Minecraft EULA unlike most servers and content creators we are actually entire for it and without the EULA would still offer the same range of content it restricts servers to now. No one likes pay to win and by offering only cosmetic content it means no one can get ahead of anyone else by putting money into the game through microtransactions.

What Sort of Content Is Being Added?

This question we’re asked so many times and there’s just no real way to answer it, we’re adding in so much new content from new mobs & pets all the way to new tools, weapons, and even vehicles plus so much more! If you can think of it, we can probably add it in!

Is There an Online Community Yet?

Yes, there are already multiple online communities in existence for this project, one is here on our website in the form of our community forums and social network while the other is on our Discord which you can join here.

Are We Looking For Staff?

The simple answer is yes. The difficult answer is, we’re looking for specific people that are highly skilled and experts in their area or field plus have a good work ethic and social foothold. If you’re like to express your interest in working on our project you can view our jobs here.

What is the reason for Alpha Access?

Alpha access is a way players can pay to support the project and also during the waiting period get exclusive access to come on and meet with the team and see what we’re up to, so as long as they’re not disturbed of course.

How Does Alpha Access Help the Project?

When you purchase alpha access you’re helping us keep the server running, make sure the team is getting fair wages and also getting exclusive behind the scenes access to the project and also to help us find and identify core problems and bugs.

The Leading Team

The Original Team of Members Who Helped Haven Realms Get Started

A Handful of Features

Custom Adventures

Come along and experience a whole new series of minigames, gamemodes, adventure maps and so much more!

Realistic Law

Not only will all punishments be dealt with accordingly but all players will be forced to work off punishments in prison mines.

Player Companions

Now with new NPCs and mobs you can have your own little army of companions following you wherever you go!

PvP & PvE

With our unique pick and choose system players are free to choose their ideal method of gameplay when it comes to fighting.

Universal Economies

All the economies from each gamemode can be utilized at a network bank to exchange currency between gamemodes and servers!

New Realms & Dimensions

The walls of reality are slowly starting to fade, who knows what wonders or horrors may lie on the other side.